To be a steward is to be a manager, a person who uses resources wisely to serve others. All of us are stewards for God. When we speak of stewardship, we are not simply talking about a once-a-year appeal for your time, talent, and treasure—the Every-Member Canvas—we’re talking about something much bigger, and all year round. We’re talking about concern for the environment, the care of the earth and our limited resources. We’re talking about concern for others, for adequate food and access to health care, for lives of dignity and peace, for a place to worship God and people with whom to share our lives.

At Trinity Church, stewardship means that we recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and paper. We have begun using compact fluorescent light bulbs where we can. We have timers for our heating and cooling systems. We turn off lights and try not to let the water run. We also collect food, weekly, for local food pantries. We collect clothing to be distributed to agencies that serve people in need. We’ll give you a ride to church. We make our building available for use by many groups in our community, including programs sponsored by the St. Charles County Social Justice Alliance, the Interfaith Partnership of St. Charles County, the Crescendo Concert Series, and five weekly12-Step Meetings. Both the American Red Cross and Heartland Health have held blood drives in our building, and various other groups have met here occasionally. All these things are signs that we are stewards of creation and responsible to and for our fellow human beings. We invite you do these small things with us.

Do we want a portion of your Time, Talent, and Treasure? Certainly we do—and we want you to experience the joy that giving of yourself, using your gifts, and sharing your resources will bring. Be a steward for Christ!




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