Almost bird's eye view.

Renewal for the

Next 60 years

Seating / Nave

Chancel / Sanctuary

The initial order of chairs - single and doubles arrived a few weeks ago and are now in the church. They are being used for worship. Come join us with a reservation and try them out!

Join Trinity's unique oportunity to build for the future

Buy a Chair !

We are trying to preserve the feel of the space with the angles and allowing a more flexible seating arrangement. The altar will be moved forward about 15 feet and lowered to the third step (the same step as the lectern and pupit reside). The Holy Eucharist will be celebrated on the same floor as the congregation sits.


As we curently do,

if you are unable to come forward, we will bring it to you.


The evolution of a plan to update the Sanctuary

What started with the outside of the church building last year,  with painting, some new siding, and a new roof has moved inside. Late last year, some new designs were presented and discussion has ensued since then.

At the Annual meeting in January, some of the plans were presented to the congregation descibing the on-going work around the building - updated sanctuary, new sound system, updated internal networking/internet access, and a new parish hall.

As to the Sanctuary renewal, significant steps have been taken. 100 seats have arrived and are in use. They will be a mix of single and double seats. A Buy a Chair! campaign is underway.

The Nave has been cleared of chairs and the organ wrapped in plastic. The renovation is scheduled to begin in October.


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