Memorial Garden

As you face the Church from the parking lot, if you look to your left, you’ll see a path that goes along the side our building. From that path, you can enter the Trinity Memorial Garden, a place for prayer, reflection, and the interment of ashes. Two metal sculptures hang in the Memorial Garden. The first one you see as you enter from the path is called “Hymn of Creation.” It was designed by Sr. Hiltrudis, a liturgical artist and a member of the Roman Catholic Sisters of the Precious Blood in O’Fallon, MO. The second sculpture is a large Celtic cross in memory of long-time Trinity Rector, The Rev. George Quarterman, who died in 1993. Both metal sculptures were wrought by xx of Hartsburg, in Central Missouri. The Memorial Garden is open at all times. On the brick columns which support the fence are inscribed the names of persons who have made arrangements to be interred in the garden, and/or whose ashes are there now. For more than twenty years, this choice has been available to Trinity Church members and their families. Arrangements can be made through the Church Office with the Rector and the Chair of the Memorial Garden Committee.







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