Welcome to Trinity.

     Our style of worship involves movement in the pews or chairs. We stand for hymns, sit for lessons and kneel or stand for prayer.  We use the phrase - as you are able - to allow for your abilities. You can always do whatever you are comfortable doing as part of your worship.


During the COVID-19 pandemic


      We always do a live-stream service at 9:15am, sometimes from different locations. Sometimes it is in church, other times from the home of the Rector (Lead Pastor). Regardless of where the service originates, the readers and sermon may come from somewhere else. Currently the church is closed to in-person worship. When we are able to do outside worship, weather permitting, we call it "Worship on the Porch". This is done in front of the church entrance on the steps and in the driveway. We ask that you bring a folding chair, however we do have chairs setup, socially spaced. If you are a family, you can move the chairs around and sit together. Masks are required at all times during the in-person worship. We do have masks and hand sanitizer available if needed.


      The worship bulletin and the live-stream connection is found at Worship. In place of the Book of Common Prayer and the Hymnal 1982, we are using a full-text bulletin containing some announcments, all the Bible readings, and the text with score of all the hymns. It is in the PDF format that utilizes Adobe Reader. The hymns are solos, but if you are home or elsewhere, go ahead and sing along or hum if you are at church.


      Everyone is invited to recieve Holy Communion, or the Eucharist during the in-person worship. Prior to approaching the altar for communion, someone will come around with hand sanitizer. We are only distributing the blessed bread/wafer and we ask that you recieve it in your hand and turn away, lower your mask and eat the bread facing away from people.



During traditional times (non-pandemic)


     We conduct our worship in the church using a traditional worship style. The service follows a format that is used throught the Episcopal church and is similar to the Roman Catholic Church. We utilize the New English Translation of the Bible for all our readings, the Hymnal 1982, Lift Every Voice and Sing as well as other songbooks for our music. The readings are from a Lectionary, (an organized list of reading for each Sunday or Special Day), and the sermons are based upon those readings.


     When you enter the church, be sure to get a bulletin from the ushers and feel welcome to sit in the pews or chairs wherever you are comfortable. Before the service begins music will be played on the organ, announcements covering recent events or future events will be made. Immediately following is the procession where the worship team enters the church and the service formally begins. We stand for the procession, singing a welcoming hymn.


     In your bulletin, there is an insert with the readings from Holy Scripture assigned for today. (Today's psalm or canticle is also to be found in the Prayer Book.) The bulletin gives you page numbers for the prayer book and the hymnals. S-numbers are "Service Music" found inthe first section of the blue hymnal. Words related to service music are printed in the Prayer Book.


     In the racks in front  of your seat, you will find the Book of Common Prayer (red) and a Hymnal 1982 (blue). On your pew you will find the hymnal Lift every Voice and Sing, along with a Bible.


     All persons, including children, are invited to recieve Communion. If you have difficulty with steps or walking, please let an usher know, and we will bring Communion to you where you are. We have gluten-free Communion hosts, so let us know if you need one wehn  you come the altar rail.


     In the pews, you wil find a welcome card. We ask that you fill that out and drop it in the offering plate so that we may have further contact with you. We have two services on Sundays 8 & 10:15 AM. From 9 - 10 AM we offer Christian Education for all ages. Each week, we invite you to enjoy coffee hour, usually with donuts and fruit!


Welcome to Trinity

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