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"Through our Faith, teachings and work, Trinity is focused on making Jesus Christ a living and tangible part of people's lives."

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Update: Dec 31, 2020

Trinity Church's Building

remains closed for most activities.


Join us for

On-Line Worship

Worship schedule

Sunday: 9:15 am


Monday - Compline - 7 pm

Tuesday - Evening Prayer - 7 pm

Wednesday - Compline - 7 pm

Thursday - Evening Prayer - 7 pm

Friday - Compline - 7 pm

Saturday: Morning Prayer - 9 am

Sunday - Morning Prayer - 9:15 am

Do You Need a 12-Step Meeting?

Call Helpline: 636-685-4674


Questions about the Preschool?

St. Charles Montessori School

Call the Director: 636-222-8786


Who we are

We are a pastoral-sized parish in with over 180 years of worship in St. Charles, MO. We were founded in 1836.

We will continue to WORSHIP  on-line for the next few months or until the general population recieves the vaccine. Visit the Worship page for instructions on attending the on-line service.

Worship service

Sunday 9:15 am On-Line

Coming Events:

Annual Parish Meeting: January 24 @ 9:15 am
Bishop's Visitation: January 31 @ 9:15 am

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