A new location of the Baptismal Font. Centered in the aisle with different flooring promoting it. This places the Sacrement of Baptism front and center as you enter the church.

The picture above shows the current Chancel as it was during Christmas this past year. The floorplan shows the current design.

The plans and images on the rest of this page show some of the possible changes to this area. The driving ideas are two fold - first, to move the altar closer to the congregation; and second, reducing the number of steps everyone uses for the Eucharist, including the altar party. The Chancel will remain carpeted and the Nave will have new tiles.

Yet another possibility - using the angles of the church to define the simplier Chancel. The expansion is the same as the smaller plan - B-1. The top 4 steps are removed.

The photos show both Plan B1 (left) and B2 (right). The top step is removed and the altar is moved forward and lower. As seen the difference is the cut-out in the center and the placement of the altar in the lower section, only 2 steps up. The floorplan shows B2.

These pictures show the Plan C1 (left) and C2 (right). The floorplan shows C2. The top step, where the altar currently resides is removed and the altar is relocated in the larger extension into the Nave - lining up with the side door. The overhead cross would also move,  remaining over the altar. This option has the largest impact on overall seating, however, new seating positions are possible; behind the altar on the raised platform, as well as to the sides of the altar as shown on the floorplan.


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