Bike for Bikes

Biking for Lui or Bike for Bikes is a diocesan activity sponsored by Trinity Church. Inspired by the suggestion Bishop Bullen of the Diocese of Lui in Sudan, people of all ages gather sponsors for a ride on the Katy Trail in St. Charles. The idea is to ride as far as one can in an hour, then the same hour back. Sponsors do not pledge by the mile; they simply offer an amount that they choose.

Because Bishop Bullen suggested that this as a ministry for their age-group, young people are the core of the riders; but adults and children, walkers, runners, and amblers pushing strollers are all part of the fun. Riders from twelve Episcopal Churches, including Calvary Church/Columbia and Grace Church/Jefferson City have participated during one or more of the past four years. After the bike event, the group gathers at Trinity Church for hot dogs, related food-like substances, a bonfire, and S’Mores. Bishop Bullen visited Trinity Church in 2004 and pointed out that 100 dollars would buy a bike and the materials required to patch tires so that clergy in his diocese would be able more easily to travel for worship and pastoral care. To date, the bike event has raised between three and four thousand dollars—or 30 to 40 bikes—for the clergy of Lui, Sudan.







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