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"Through our Faith, teachings and work, Trinity is focused on making Jesus Christ a living and tangible part of people's lives."

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Update: August 1, 2020

Trinity Church's Building

remains closed.

Bishop Deon Johnson has announced the continuation of the suspension of all in building worship until at least September 1, 2020.

We will continue to conduct on-line worship from our homes, and intend on continuing even after we resume in-building worship. We currently do not have a return to building date.

Join us for

On - Line Worship

Summer Worship schedule.

Sunday: 9:15 am


Monday - Morning Prayer 8:45am

Compline - 7 pm

Tuesday - Morning Prayer - 8:45 am

Evening Prayer - 7 pm

Wednesday - Morning Prayer - 8:45am

Compline - 7 pm

Thursday - Morning Prayer - 8:45 am

Evening Prayer - 7 pm

Friday - Morning Prayer - 8:45 am

Compline - 7 pm

Saturday: Morning Prayer - 9 am

Sunday - Morning Prayer - 9:15 am

Do You Need a 12-Step Meeting?

Call Helpline: 636-685-4674


Questions about the Preschool?

St. Charles Montessori School

Call Director: 636-222-8786


Who we are

We are a pastoral-sized parish in with over 180 years of worship in St. Charles, MO. We were founded in 1836.

 Exciting News from Trinity!

Join us outside at August 9 for a 9:15 am worship service. Please bring your own chairs if you have them. We will provide chairs as needed. We will be on the lawn near the Apple Tree. We will provide on-line worship this service.

If you have used the on-line worship, please take the survey and evaluate how we are doing with the worship.


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