St. Charles, MO



    Welcome to Trinity Episcopal Church

                    Established 1836

"We invite you to share in loving Jesus Christ and serving our community" 



The Rev. Tamsen Whistler - Rector

With the people of Trinity Church, you have opportunities to:

  • Do a variety of ministries in the community
  • Learn and teach in our Sunday School/Christian Formation programs
  • Meet other people like yourself—and entirely unlike yourself—nurture and be nurtured, ask questions, explore the life of faith
  • And worship in a tradition both rooted in the Biblical world and moving forward in the 21st Century


At Trinity Church, you can find people who have values consistent with our mission statement. We are on a constant path, deepening our Faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Compassion is expressed in respect for human dignity and spirit; and our work reflects our dedication to helping others in our Community and the larger world.


If you are looking for a place to make a difference, to share your gifts, and to find food for your spiritual journey, Trinity Episcopal Church is your new home. Come and see.


"Our coffee, tea and hot chocolate are tasty too!"



ASH WEDNESDAY WORSHIP SERVICES, February 26, Noon and 6.30 pm

. Our Mission Statement


"Through our Faith, teachings and work, Trinity is focused on making Jesus Christ a living and tangible part of people's lives."

Worship Hours

Sun: 8:00 am & 10:15 am

September 8 - June 16

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